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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  March 31, 2015 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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the bed reacts to your body. it hugs you. it's really cool to the touch. this zips off so i can wash it-yes, please. (vo) visit your local retailer and feel the tempur-pedic difference for yourself. >> a deadly fire leads gas leak. forcing the evacuation of nearly a dozen homes. good evening to you, i'm jessica dean. >> i'm chris may. police say that this fire set off a series of explosions along jackson street in darby township, delaware county. that is where "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco joins us live. diana? >> reporter: report when firefighters arrived here this
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evening they a will to the deal with. explosion coming from inside the home and when they were able to extinguish the flames, they found gas leak which prompted evacuations in this neighborhood. when the smoke cleared they did find the body of the elderly homeowner inside the basement. medical examiner has just arrived on scene. fire explodes from 1025 jackson avenue in darby township. a single family home just after 7:00 monday. it took fire companies 35 minutes to gain control. when fire crews arrived they heard explosions coming from inside the house. >> when we first arrived here, there was a lot of things going on. we believe there was isn't some ammunition going off. there was some minor explosions and heavy flames and smoke. >> reporter: blue light gas leak coming from the house forced more than dozen evacuations in surrounding homes while emergency crews cut power and gas to the area and asked residents to leave. after the smoke cleared firefighters located the elderly homeowner inside the basement
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deceased. neighbors say he was a well-liked man on the block who has lived here as long as they can remember. but they also describe him as a hoarder. >> very nice man. i mean of course we can see from his yard and his home he did similar to hoarder. he had a lot of things he would go around the neighbor and collect and store on his proper. he loved animals. so his dog also is deceased now. which is really sad that that had to happen also. >> reporter: and the medical examiner has just arrived on the scene. they are taking away the body of that elderly man. a bunch of the home that is were evacuateed the chief tells me tonight there's no longer a gas threat to the area. but several residents tonight do remain displaced while they now search for a cause of this fire. we're live in darby township, diana rocco cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> sad night there tonight diana, thank you very much. nude photos of local high school students are shared
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online. it could lead to criminal charges. and tonight the superintendent of north penn high school speaks with "eyewitness news". here's our david spunt. >> reporter: superintendent dr. curt deitrich told me the investigation here at north penn high school is still in its early stages. and he has a message for all parents concerning earned can you about this recent scandal. >> it is a serious matter. we want our parents to talk with their sons and daughters about this, and so they can learn from this. >> reporter: north penn superintendent dr. curt deitrich told "eyewitness news" the photo scandal making its way through north penn high school is troubling. >> we're working hard to be able to understand what is happening here. it appears it happens in our community and then it spills over into the school. >> reporter: students told "eyewitness news" the photographs were posted on drop box. the site let's users share photos on a mobile phone or tablet. and in this case, the photos spread quickly. students took to social media encouraging fellow students to protest the behavior. >> "eyewitness news" chose to
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blur the identity two minors we spoke with. >> we're standing up for what we believe in and say this is wrong. >> i've been asked multiple times. you have to ignore it. >> hundreds of students face to face with administrators including deitrich during an assembly monday. >> it was very beneficial to us and i think beneficial to the students also. >> reporter: district attorney risa vetri ferman is also on the case. >> these are felony offenses we're talking about sharing child pornography and sexually explicit images of minor. >> superintendent will continue to work with local police and da da' office office to .. the source of the photo scandal. david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> taking a look at weather now. march definitely not going out like a lamb. we are tracking rain and in some parts of the area snow. meteorologist kathy orr is live on the cbs3 sky deck with more on what we can expect. kathy? >> march is just that month jess, that doesn't want to quit. temperatures well below normal and plenty of snow to go around
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this month and a little more as we round out the month of march. take a look at storm scan3. we have a few instability sprinkles that's about it. a clear sky and falling temperatures. 47 in philadelphia. 40 in millville. 35 in the poconos and 49 in allentown. clear skies and light winds expected overnight. now, come tomorrow morning some sun to star the day. this is at 6am but then the clouds roll in expect some rain by about the noon, 1:00 o'clock hour and some snow through the lehigh valley and the poconos. poconos could pick up a couple inches of snow. wet snow and then the system moves on out. it's a fast-moving clipper and could it bring some spotty snow showers elsewhere. so we'll talk about where the snow will be april warmup in the seven day and looking ahead to passover and easter weekend in that seven day forecast. i'll have all the details coming up when i join you inside. >> kathy, we'll see you then. thank you. new at 11:00 o'clock night mew me a abba jamal is ica at a schuylkill county hospital
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tonight. a lawyer for the convicted cop killer tells the associateed press prison officials won't disclose why his client is there there. abu jamal is serving live sentence for the 1981 murder of philadelphia police officer daniel faulkner. a man out on bail after being arrested for spying on a dressing room inside a montgomery county target store. police charged the 32-year-old man with invasion of privacy and other crimes. he's accused of using a ball point pen with a built in video camera to record a woman at the abington target back ton march march 21st. investigators are asking any other women who feel they may have been victimized to come forward. >> the families of two women killed by a disgruntled employee at the craft foods plant in northeast philadelphia in 2010 are awarded $38 million in punitive damages. today a jury handed down the verdict against u.s. security associates of georgia. finding them negligent in the
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against of items of tanya wilson land tonya brown. surveillance video shows a guard running away from the scene of a shooting at that plant. >> us security associates guards many of the largest facilities in philadelphia. this sends a clear message that the guards can't simply run away in the event of a crisis. they have to call management. they have to get on the pa system. they have to get on the walkie talkie radios and announce that there's a person in the building with a gun. >> u.s. security associates issued a statement reading in part "us security associates believes that it's personnel on duty on the night of the north philadelphia shooting made reasonable decisions and acted with courage in the face of a direct threat to their own lives. we are disappointed in todays' verdict and intend to appeal. ". investigators tonight are trying to figure out why a small plane went down in chester county killing two people. the plane crashed yesterday in west goshen township shortly after take off from brandywine airport. single engine piper ended up behind a house and then caught
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fire. investigators say two pilots were aboard one of them likely an faa certified flight instructor. the owner of a darby borough auto shop among 11 people charge charged in an insurance fraud scheme. frank wilson who's the own are in of traps formers collision specialists is accused of of defrauding insurance companies of $85,000 with the help of 10 co conspirators. a part of the alleged scheme involved causing damage to cars to inflate claims. wilson is also accused of offering kickbacks to people who received customers to his business with a portion of the insurance payout. he is out on bail tonight. darby borough police have arrested the girlfriend of slain officer mark hudson while they continue to investigate his shooting death. 27-year-old tie anna finch was charged for an incident aft august in which she allegedly threatened hudson with a weapon. sources tell "eyewitness news" officer hudson then took out a restraining order on finch in january.
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hudson was fatally shot in his glenn old 10 home over the weekend and police say the couple were the only two inside. >> she's been arrested for that complaint. she's been put on $250,000 bail and i'm not sure whether she's still in the hospital or she's been transported to the prison. >> she was hospitalized after suffering a medical emergency as she was being questioned. she's also facing assault and weapons offenses in connect with that august incident big security change in store for fans of the philadelphia phillies. everyone who goes inside citizens bank park for a game will have to pass through a metal detector. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones is live at the ballpark now with more on what's behind this change. todd? >> reporter: chris the phillies are warning fans these new metal detectors you see mind hee here will pick up on items such as utility knives and pocket knives and so they're telling fans to leave items like these at home or risk losing
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them here at the gate. across the street sixers fans walked into the wells fargo center monday night the way most phillies fans entered the ballpark last season. quick swipe of a hand-held metal detector in they went. that is changing. >> whose going to make the atmosphere fear a little safer. might make people uncomfortable. >> walk through metal detectors here at citizens bank park. >> i don't mind doing it because i'm certainly not going to bring anything into the stadium that shouldn't be brought in. and i would like to know that nobody else is doing that also. >> i don't think it will do any good any way because i am convinceed if one wanted to something bad, they'll do it. roar report after testing metal detectors last season at the right field gate the phillies gave the go ahead to install them at every gate this season for the first time ever major league baseball is requiring the use of metal detectors at all stadiums this season. this all stems from meeting with homeland security a few years ago about ways to improve
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security. ball clubs have been implementing the added security since 2013. we talk with the phillies security monday. >> you only need to take out your cell phone camera, keys, you can leave coins in your pocket. you can leave your belt on. you can leave your shoes on. it's not like going to the airport. >> as for adding more wait time to get phillies contend magnetometers are quicker than wands if someone does not have metal on them. and to that point the phillies have added these express lanes you see for people tender the stadium who have no bags. it's all in an evident to try and speed this process along. reporting live tonight in south philadelphia, todd quinones cbs3 "eyewitness news". todd, thank you. a security scare at the national security agency. men dressed as women rammed the gate at the fort mead military base and we've got the bizarre details. >> also the dangers of the job. a horrifying scene when a firefighter falls through the roof of a burning home.
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who is at the greatest risk for the deadliest form of breast cancer? a new report provides the most detailed look yet analyzing age race geography and more. >> and a new era will soon begin for the daily show. we'll tell are how about the man who will succeed john stewart. kathy? >> as the month of march comes to an end, we are looking at another clipper coming our way. much like we saw over the winter season but this one mainly rain. some of of us seeing some snow as we close out the month of march. details on that coming up when
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cbs news tonight reports that the two men who tried to crash the gates at nsa headquarters this morning spent last night on a drug fueled binder. one of those suspects is now been identified as 20-year-old kevin phlegming from baltimore. earlier today an officer opened fire on an suv as it sped toward a secure end tran at the agency's campus in fort mead, maryland. we do know that one of the two suspects in that suv was killed
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but it's unclear tonight which one. well there's new information now about the co-pilot who deliberately crashed a jet in france killing 150 being on board. an degree as lubitz had suicidal tendencies, and he had received lengthy psychotherapy before he got his pilot's license. lufthansa which is the parent company of germanwings is declining to say whether it knew of lubitz's health issues. fresno city firefighter is in critical condition tonight after falling through the roof of a burning garage. he suffered burns to nearly 70% of his body there is and now is in critical condition. that firefighter was climbing to the roof to ventilate that house and investigation into the cause of the fire is still underway. critical new information was release dad in the fight against breast cancer. a new report provides the most detailed analysis of the disease ever and it shows which women are most at risk for the cancer
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cancer'sly yesterday. >> 44-year-old thelma what the since never expected to be diagnosed with breast cancer. >> once they say the word cancer you pretty much don't hear anything else. >> reporter: watkins had triple negative breast cancer the disease's deadliest forms which requires intensive chemotherapy a new study release released monday shows black women have nearly twice the rate of triple negative breast cancer as white women. the study also showed black women have the highest mortal had the rate from any form of breast cancer. researchers used to think the poor out come in african-american women were due to poverty rates leading to delayed diagnosis and treatments treatments. >> there were actually other clues that there might be some biologic differences in breast cancer as well. this report confirms that suspicion. breast cancer afflicts african-american women in differ ways. >> i don't know why i had triple negative breast cancer. it does not run in my family.
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but the fact that i was receiving my annual mammogram it was detected at an early stage. >> and doctors say that early detection is key. patients will get the best prognosis when that cancer is found early. and this information makes screening especially important for african-american women. >> incredible. the search is over for john stewart's successor. 31-year-old interest von noah will be the new host of the daily show he debuted as a contributor on the program just a couple of months ago but apparently comedy central liked what they saw. noah is a by racial native of south africa. he does a little bit of everything. stand up, sattire writing acts, producing. and now he'll quickly need to learn the inns and outs of washington politic. noah joked about his fast past show on the david letterman back in 2013. >> listen to that. it's magic. it sounds like chinese new year
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in your mouth. >> john stewart is expected to september down from the daily show sometime after the summer. we're hoping to get to summer. >> yes. >> got to get to spring first and kathy, could be a few snowflakes in some parts of the area. >> yes. cold enough for still some wet snow. this morning we had a few snowflakes even in philadelphia and our suburbs and temperatures were at 36, 37 degrees. we still can get snow at that temperature and this time of year. on storm scan3 doesn't look like much but we do have a clipper had a lot of those over the winter season. here it is over chicago. this is precipitation associated with it. it will move toward the delaware valley and with it spreading moisture but there is a front associated with this clipper and there's colder air behind it as colder air moves in tomorrow afternoon we'll be seeing the best chance of some wet snow especially to the north and west of philadelphia. not expecting anything in the way of accumulation. that is the good news with this.
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so let's take a look at the current temperatures. because they will be critical during the day tomorrow. "eyewitness weather" watchers are showing 40s and 50s on the jersey side. still 49 degrees. david is reporting this in clementon with a very light wind and great state of delaware and wilmington the temperature is 48 degrees. lisa saying a moonlit sky really pretty out there. we have a waxing moon. little bit colder as we head into the suburbs. eileen is reporting 44 in gilbertsville outside temperatures in the 40s. the view from the camden side from campbell's field across the bridge where we are looking at conditions just going to get colder overnight with a light wind but it was a decent afternoon. the high today in philadelphia made it to 57. that's 1 degree shy of the high. the average high forge this time of year. tomorrow we're in the 50s. and as well as wednesday. but then we see that april warmup for thursday and friday. it will really be feeling much
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more like spring around here. right now in philadelphia 47. 48 in wilmington. 48 degrees in dover. 34 in the poconos and 42 in reading. there is some warmth on the map. you can see to the south some 50s, little rock some 60s so eventually that will be working its way toward the delaware valley. but we'll see some clouds moving in with this clipper. cold air before we really have the chance to warm it up. overnight skies just mainly clear and moonlit. during the morning hours some sun glare with some early morning sunshine. but the clouds rush in during the morning and by noon in philadelphia we'll see some spotty showers. in reading cold enough to see wet snow even in the poconos and then as that cold air filters in in. some light snow showers in allentown/spotty showers for the afternoon. and then the front swings through. some wet snow showers possible to the north and west before this all moves out. so you can see by late night skies are clear and then we really begin to see improving weather. so tuesday between noon and eight the timeline talking about mainly rain about quarter of an
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inch to the north and west a chance of mixing with snow and the poconos picking up a couple inches of snow in those higher elevations. overnight clear and cold the low 37. the high 52 tomorrow. with rain after the noon hour. right around noon it will begin to trickle in on the seven day forecast, look at these temperatures. 52 wednesday. for the first day of april. not so bad. better thursday. it's going to get windy around who are. winds gusting to about 35 even 40 miles an hour with that mild air. and then friday, good friday 68 with some showers passover begins and easter sunday on the cool side with pleasant the high 54g that is looking more spring like. we will say that. kathy, thanks. >> excite nice of basketball down in south philadelphia. >> sixer and lakers in the past when we said we just thought about people going for the excellence -- best of the best. but now it's for the lottery pick. the battle for ping-pong balls
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sixers and lakers must see sports tv not so much this time around. both franchises fighting for the top lottery pick hoping for a new berth much sixers down two in overtime. final seconds balls goes to nerlins noel he make the jump shot in the paint. nerlins with 19 points and 14 boards. lakers with the ball going for the win. sixers try to trap philly native wayne ellington but he found jordan clarkson. that's it. the sixers lose. we're sad yet inquiry we're happy. heartbreak consider 113-111. >> playing hard, you know, that's all you can really ask for at this point and, you know we made strives with all the new guys we've had this is a real close knit group that goes out here and plays together. i'm real proud of that. >> the flyers with the night off. they'll take on their cross state rivals pittsburgh wednesday in the steal city. just sick games left before the season will come to a merciful end. earlier than the players wanted. their eliminated from the post
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season fort second time in three years. there are a few reasons why they didn't make the playoffs. >> the beginning of the season we got in a big hole and it's always tough when you're catching up. it's march. >> we let some games slip away. the inconsistent cease i think we've talk about a lot and that was probably the biggest thing. >> well reports say the eagles will sign former dallas star miles austin to a one-year contract. worth $2.3 million with another 700k in incentives much he has struggled with injuries. he'll be 31 in june. he's a big body compliment receiver at best. he topped 1,000 yards for the cowboys, sudden a kidney injury last season in cleveland. that just means to me that his legs are healthy. demeco ryans signed a contract extension coming off his second achilleas rupture. his two year-deal worn
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$7.5 million. could net him 10 millions. 6.25 is guaranteed. he'll be ready for the start of training camp he says. to the phillies now final week of grapefruit league play. today they faced pittsburgh. the pair rots roughed up the young rookie starter zach evelyn evelyn. he went three innings. gave up four runs on three hits. two of them homers as the pirates whooped up on the fightings 18-four. we'll be right back.
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penndot begins work on $9.3 million project to resurface and repair 14 miles of state highway. >> crews started work today in the port richmond section of the city. the construction is expected to continue in that area until mid to late april. penndot says the drivers need to be advised only one lane will be open so allow extra time when you're moving through that section of the the city. we'll be right back. ♪
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"eyewitness news" returns tomorrow morning at 4:30 with ukee washington, erika von tiehl and katie fehlinger. for beasley kathy and all of us here i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean.
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the late show with david letterman is next with neal patrick harris. have a good night. we'll see you tomorrow. >> announcer: the following is a paid advertisement for armando montelongo live events. you're about to meet a man that can change your future now. he is america's top real-estate investing expert, he has been featured on the number-one real-estate hit reality show "flip this house," and is a best-selling author. he is the most sought-out real-estate expert in the world and has changed thousands of people's financial futures. you now have the opportunity to spend time learning armando's money-making real-estate strategies at his live event coming to your area. >> after attending one of armando's seminars, i started making offers, got into a property, made $35,000 net profit. >> after learning armando's techniques, me and a partner of mine did a deal together where we netted over $33,000. >> after learning from armando's techniques and teachings, we went ahead and bought our first property, and we mad


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